Earth.Water.Fire.Wind. These are just the few words we decided to tell you, but more awaits as you discover hidden caves, treasure chests and more. Make a ninja off of Naruto if you wish, or if you prefer the Avatar make a water bender. If you are not int
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 The Graveyard Guardians

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PostSubject: The Graveyard Guardians   The Graveyard Guardians Icon_minitimeFri May 23, 2008 1:08 pm

Names:Akana: (Red) Choyo: (given to girls born at dawn. Also means butterfly)
Ayaka: (Colorful and fragrant, or colorful flower, or colorful summer) Asari: (given to girls who are born in the morning)
Azami: (The flower of a thistle; symbolizes defiance) Chikayo: (Wisdom, intelligence, or near)
Ginko: (Silver) Hoshimi: (Star)

Powers:(sorry working on it Sad )

About them: they are the keepers of the graveyard. Akana uses her deadly powers to gard the graveyard from demons, spirits, and humans what want to disturb the peace in the graveyard. she is helped by her sisters , Ayaka and Azami, and her good star spirit friend Ginko!

This is them:
The Graveyard Guardians 2a7da84f
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The Graveyard Guardians
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