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PostSubject: Laurie/Midnight   Laurie/Midnight Icon_minitimeThu Jan 31, 2008 9:24 am

Name: Laurie

Changeling Name: Midnight

Age: 17

Race: Changeling

Laurie is sort of a rebellious one. She strays from her orders at times to go on her own intuition, so basically she likes to lead herself along, and if others follow, well, Ok then. She's not big on authority, and doesn't seem to be afraid of that much, nor does much surprise her. Laurie has a good head set on her shoulders. She is skilled with most weapons, and knows how to use items to the best of her abilities. She's tough and can endure most hardships. She's an outgoing person who enjoys the company of others, well, others whom she trusts. Though she's a smart alec and sarcastic at times, she really does have a 'nice' side, you just have to hunt for it.

Lives: She's a roamer. Doesn't really have a 'home'.
Powers: Levetation, she can sort of fly, and on an instant can turn into a black panther.

Laurie/Midnight 1140756484_esbluecalm-1

Laurie/Midnight Laurie
Same person;;Different Pics. =]

Changeling Form:
Laurie/Midnight Lauire

Laurie/Midnight Grey_sig_img

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PostSubject: Re: Laurie/Midnight   Laurie/Midnight Icon_minitimeThu Jan 31, 2008 9:33 am



Laurie/Midnight Hinata
Laurie/Midnight Hinata
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