Earth.Water.Fire.Wind. These are just the few words we decided to tell you, but more awaits as you discover hidden caves, treasure chests and more. Make a ninja off of Naruto if you wish, or if you prefer the Avatar make a water bender. If you are not int
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 Tamara/ The earth princess

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Tamara/ The earth princess Empty
PostSubject: Tamara/ The earth princess   Tamara/ The earth princess Icon_minitimeFri Feb 29, 2008 5:52 am



race: earth bender

personality:She is out going, and sweet. Loves animals. She is often serious
because of her having to take the thrown, but when she is able to get away
from home is is a normal teen. No one can stop her from having fun except her
training for being queen.Because of her being the oldest child and her not having
a brother she is the one to take the thrown.

apperance:Tamara/ The earth princess Pretty

Tamara/ The earth princess Tornheart
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Tamara/ The earth princess
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